Thursday, 26 March 2015


Throughout the process of making the music video we have came across many problems, mainly involving casting. We had to recast the lead singer various times and think of alternatives in which we could work around the problem. Our first singer was unable to attend any of the shooting so we had to change the cast, we was going to change the position of max and put him as lead singer as he has the look, keep Aiden on drums and find someone who had the look to replace max on guitar. after thinking about it carefully, we decided it would be easier and would look better to just get someone brand new in to be the lead singer. this is why we chose terry. We chose him because he has the look and max looks better on guitar because he can actually play in comparison to someone who cant play. Then on the day of filming we had to change the drummer because we realized that Aiden didn't really fit the part because, like max, the drums would look better with someone who could actually play, this is why we got Shaun to take the role, because he had the look and looked convincing playing the drums.

other problems we had was timing, we found it hard to get everyone together at the same time due to everyone's schedules, but when we eventually got everyone together and filmed it looked really good first time. i think this helped us because we was running out of time and we had to be able to shoot the band performances quick and effectively leaving us enough time to cut and edit the footage.

Another problem was the editing and where we thought things should go because we stopped doing story boards half way through because we thought it would look better free style. i think it did look better free style, and even though we had good ideas down on paper, once we started getting out and filming, we came up with better ideas and ways we could improve the individual shots.

Evaluation. 1/4

    For this project we worked in groups. my group consisted of two people, Aiden and myself. For our music video we had to look at various videos to see which ones we wanted to relate back to. We found that post grunge was our favourite genre so we started looking and developing our own video in relation to this genre. Our music video has many conventional aspects in it which a traditional music video would have; for example, artist, and narrative. We researched what is most common in 'Post grunge' music videos and what the artist(s) should look like. All the key aspects, such as clothing was key because we needed to ensure that we reached the demands of the record labels, making sure that their look remains the same and doesn't change.    

    We found that the videos are quite dark and sinister, and normally have a edgy narrative. We found that they consist of a lot of band performance and quick paced shots to enhance the pace and beat of the song. We took into consideration what our band should look like, fashion and physical appearance and tried to present it in our band as much as we could. We dressed them in checkered shirts, longish hair, and quite musky looking, with facial hair etc. Our band only consisted of tree members because the band who we took most inspiration from ono thad this many. Our main inspiration was bands like Seether and Staind. we took the idea of their look and their videos and how they are presented and tried to incorporate it in our music video. We took inspiration from music videos we liked, and thought we could work with and link into our music video.

    We liked the idea of working with suicide and depression because its something we could get into depth with and make it link well with the song. The dark colours, not only where filmed, but worn connote sadness and being down which works well with our genre.  This topic made it easier for us to work with because we both know a lot about it, and know what conventions we would need to present to get that idea across to the audience. I think the genre is clear as well as the narrative and think that the colour scheme all adds to the typical post grunge genre. We followed goodwins theory, linking the lyrics to the narrative; for example, every time the gift is mentioned it is something that both of the couple did together, in a sense that she is his gift.

    Our video has uses voyerism in a sense that the audience get to see how his life deteriorates when his love tragically commits suicide, this is beneficial that we use this idea because it helps the audience gets better understanding for the song, and the narrative we added to it. We thought that The Gift by Seether would be a good song because depending on the way you look at it, it can be positive, or negative. We thought it would be best to do a negative video because we thought that this fitted with the genre better, made more sense, and was easier to create a narrative to be negative. We also did a scene of Terry, (our singer), looking into a mirror which is another way of showing the audience what the singer is seeing.

    The pace of the video alters thought, which is common in most genres which is beneficial because it shows how we have researched music videos of all genres and took into consideration what works and doesn't, and what is needed or not. The pace started picking up toward the ends where the instruments got more intense. This is also my favourite part of the whole video because i think it looks really cool and the fast paced makes the video more dramatic.


    Wednesday, 25 March 2015

    Last Poster

    This is the last version of my poster I did. I changed the colour slightly to try and make it fit with my digipak more, I think it looks good now and connotes the genre a lot more. The colours help bring it all together because they are really simple. The social media sites make it look professional and add a sophisticated look to it as well as the date. The red tone connotes death and blends with the blue to put the sorrow of the death. The colours, even though simple do portray the emotions and feelings well because people can naturally associate the two and understand it better.  Overall I like the end result and wouldn't want to change it.